Bought It, Loved It, Lost Weight, Time to Let Go

When moms lose weight, they feel proud of their new bodies and often want to show them off. Unfortunately, the price tags of new women apparel can be too much for a new wardrobe. Many moms find themselves continuing to wear the clothing they once loved but is now too small. If you fall into this group, you are not alone. Still, continuing to wear clothing that does not fit properly is a big mistake regardless of the reason.

Forget Fall-Back Clothing
Whether you have lost five or 50 pounds, you worked hard to become healthier and more fit. Why hold on to clothing that makes it easier to skip the morning workout or have a second piece of pie? Instead, clean out the closet and rid yourself of everything that is a size or more too large. You will encourage yourself to stay in shape while making room in your closet for new clothing.

Budget Friendly Option
As a busy mom who closely watches your budget, you know that consignment shopping is the best way to save money on those clothing items your kids quickly outgrow. However, did you know that consignment shopping can save you money on your own clothes as well? Consignment shops have categories for women apparel that let you shop for like new, pre-loved clothing without feeling the guilt and strain of boutique prices.

Make Money for New Clothes
Along with purchasing women apparel through consignment, you can sell your own as well. Selling women apparel is very simple. You simply need to find each clothing item that is in like new shape, launder it, and let it sell itself. You can wait for a consignment sale to pop up near you, or you can sell online. Sweet Sprouts connects you with others seeking women apparel all over the country. Unlike auction sites, you don’t have to wait for someone to bid on your clothes. You set the reasonable price and get paid when the item sells.

Make Money for a Good Cause
Is there a school, church, or other fundraiser that needs extra money? Donate the women apparel you no longer need and let one of these entities keep the funds. Regardless, Sweet Sprouts is a unique entity that will donate a portion of your sale to a nonprofit of your choice. Likewise, when you sell your clothes through consignment, you are helping other moms just like you spend less on your beautiful clothes.

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