Buy Brand Name Clothes Without The Brand Name Price

Who doesn’t enjoy a great pair of designer jeans or a cute outfit from a high-end designer? A money saving mom doesn’t always have to buy knockoff fashions for herself and her family. Bargains are available in many places, and a money saving mom knows where to look.

Name brand kids clothing can be a risky investment since little ones tend to grow quickly. Many times children outgrow kids clothing items before they’ve come anywhere close to wearing them out. This is where consignment shopping can help. When little ones outgrow clothes they’ve only worn a few times, a savvy money saving mom can sell those clothes on consignment. The prices will be affordable for others, and another mom on a budget will be able to pick up designer kids clothing for a song.

Sweet Sprouts was established by a money saving mom and her college friend, who was also a new mom. We believe in the power of numbers, and we know that frugal moms everywhere can benefit when we all work together. Kids grow at different rates, and it’s always great to have a girlfriend whose kids are growing out of styles just as your kids are growing into them. Unfortunately, these friends aren’t always close enough to share, and that’s where Sweet Sprouts can help.

Even if you don’t have a friend that can pass hand-me-downs to your children, you can get quality kids clothing on a budget. Shop the extensive kids clothing collection in our online consignment store and take advantage of the savings. This is a dream come true for the money saving mom.

The advantages don’t end with your ability to purchase designer kids clothing at bargain prices. What are you doing with all those clothes your own kids have outgrown? You can create an account on Sweet Sprouts for free and earn a little extra money by selling your own kids clothes. Just as you needed the fashions another money saving mom listed on Sweet Sprouts, there will be a family that needs the clothes your kids can no longer wear. Sweet Sprouts is all about benefiting all families. After all, we all need to stay on budget.

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