Buy Clothes to Create Smiles through Charitable Consignments

Your family dentist isn’t the only one interested in spreading smiles. At Sweet Sprouts, we smile a lot, and we love the way our services help to bring smiles to others. One of the ways we bring smiles to faces is through fundraisers. If you’ve had your fill of buying candy bars to fund camp and magazine subscriptions for classrooms, perhaps it’s time to participate in a consignment fundraiser.

With a consignment fundraiser, no one has to buy things they don’t need to support a good cause. In fact, you can help by making donations of pre-loved items you already have around the house. Every family has used clothing, toys and other items that they don’t use any longer. With as quickly as little ones grow, often these items have plenty of wear left in them when your child outgrows them. When your organization holds a fundraiser with Sweet Sprouts, you can give these as tax-deductible donations.

After giving those pre-loved items as donations to a good cause, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. Fortunately, there are even more reasons to smile when your organization holds a consignment fundraiser. All those donations will be put online for sale. Your donations can be purchased by families that need things you can no longer use. Chances are that another family has donated items your family needs. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each donated item goes directly to the organization holding the fundraiser.

With this kind of good going on, there should be no shortage of smiles. Even families on tight budgets can benefit from a consignment fundraiser, and they can help to support a good cause in the process.

At Sweet Sprouts, one of the things we love the most about our business is the way we spread smiles by bringing families together. Of course, we can spread even more smiles when others join us in our work. Whether you wish to give donations to your favorite cause or sell items on consignment to give your family budget a boost, it’s free to create an account with us. Join today, and find out how much fun it can be to spread smiles with consignment.

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