Clean Out Your Basement and Make Some Money

Cleaning out the basement is a hefty chore, but it is one that is important to undertake at least once each year. When clothing and toys are left to gather in the basement, they can become musty and grow mold, which hinders them not useful to anyone. Furthermore, the more cluttered a basement becomes, the more likely your home will attract pests like spiders and rodents who are drawn to warm, damp areas. Lastly, as basements are prone to flooding, every item stored beneath the home can be ruined in a flash.

There are several easy tips to cleaning out basements that save you time and could even make you money. You could hire a professional home organizer to do the work for you, but a money saving mom knows that she can accomplish just as much for far less when she does the work on her own.

Start with a strategy. Plan to sort items into three separate piles: keep, discard, and sell. The items you keep should still be useful to you or deeply sentimental. This might include anything from holiday decorations to your wedding gown. Anything that is personally cherished should be removed from the basement and placed in a more secure location. This might require for you to make some difficult decisions about what is worth keeping and what should go into a different pile.

The discard pile can be further sorted into items that should be thrown away and those that can be donated. It is rare for even the most ardent money saving mom to buy and sell broken toys or clothes with rips or stains. However, clothing with missing tags and baby gear with some life left in it can be donated to a local charity. As a money saving mom yourself, you can appreciate the good you can do by giving away the items that may be of use to someone less fortunate.

The sell pile can include all of those clothes you have outgrown, old toys, or anything else that is still in good shape and might be of use to another money saving mom. Consignment shops allow a money saving mom to both buy and sell. As you sort, keep in mind that you are not only saving money by doing the work yourself, but you are also potentially making money by setting aside those items that are still in good condition but no longer useful to your family.

A money saving mom wants to be confident in the items she chooses to buy and sell. Not only that, she also wants to know the consignment shop is a reputable source to buy and sell clothes and toys. This is why it is preferable to buy and sell through consignment.

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