Every Purchase Helps a Person in Need

One of the most wonderful and unique things about Sweet Sprouts is that every purchase from our boutique helps someone. This is especially true of our school fundraisers.

If you have school-aged children, chances are that you have been inundated with opportunities to buy and sell various products to raise money for education. Sadly, many of the items to buy and sell for school fundraisers aren’t particularly useful. Many times, the useful items sold for school fundraisers are sold in such large quantities or so frequently that the process becomes more annoying than helpful.

School fundraisers through Sweet Sprouts provide a refreshing way to earn money while actually benefiting supporters. The items to buy and sell on our web site include a variety of things families need and use. Furthermore, we provide a range of fundraising options and will happily assist your school in choosing the right option for them.

When your child’s school holds a fundraiser through Sweet Sprouts, you can rest assured that you’ll have the opportunity to buy and sell items that others need. As an added bonus, you get to clear out closets, dressers and kids’ rooms in order to donate things you no longer need. These gently used donations will then be offered for sale on our website where supporters can get them at affordable prices. A portion of the proceeds from each donated item goes toward the school fundraiser.

If you’ve ever had to take an order form for greeting card sales or novelty items to work in order to raise money for your child’s education, you know how difficult it can be to get others to buy and sell products like that. One of the primary benefits of doing school fundraisers with online consignment is the wide variety of items available for purchase. Once donations are collected and posted online, supporters, their friends and family members can browse these donations online to find items they want or need. When a school or other organization can buy and sell a range of items, including clothing in a variety of styles and sizes, the opportunity for raising money increases. Additionally, those supporting school fundraisers are getting bargains on items they need to purchase anyway.

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