Find a Good Home for Your Unwanted Gear

Baby gear can add up very quickly over time. Our consignment store online offers several types of discounted baby gear. Baby gear is made to help a baby get through different stages early on in life. Baby gear would include: strollers, bouncers, diaper bags, playpens, car seats, and much more. At Sweet Sprouts online consignment store, we can accept all types of baby gear except for car seats and cribs. The reason we cannot accept those two items in our consignment store is because they can often have safety recalls or go out of date.

If you have a lot of baby gear lying in your home that you are no longer using, you can sell those items on our site. You will need to ensure that you have created a user account before you start selling. You can also make donations to our site. The donations accepted will be sold on the site and a percentage of the funds will be donated to a nonprofit organization.

If you are looking for ways to receive donations for your favorite nonprofit organization, local churches, or local schools, we can go over some options available for you. Our consignment shop will be happy to send you donation boxes or bags so that you can send your donations back to us. We will inspect the products before placing them on our site for sale. This way you do not have to worry about trying to place the items yourself for sale. We will do all of the work for you.

When your donations sale on our site, we will be able to send you a check. The check can then be sent to your nonprofit organization that you choose. Another way you can get donations is to ask members to click on your favorite nonprofit organization when they checkout through our online consignment store.

Sweet Sprouts online consignment store is a great way to get rid of baby gear or other items you are no longer using, and sale it at an affordable rate for others. You will have the option to ship items or choose a place to meet people that are in your local area. This can be done at the time you make your account. Get started today with Sweet Sprouts so that you can take advantage of great discounts, earn money, and know that your donations will be greatly appreciated.

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