Get The Things You Need While Supporting a Great Cause

Are you a money saving mom with kids in school? Have you had it with ridiculous school fundraisers that require you to buy and sell cavity-causing sweets or worthless discount cards to places you never frequent? It can seem that there is no end to school fundraisers, and although there are a lot of creative school fundraising ideas available, many schools stick with the same worn out fundraisers year after year.

Fortunately, nearly every money saving mom is active in her local PTA. I think it’s time for some of you to speak out. Did you know that Sweet Sprouts offers school fundraisers? Our fundraisers won’t leave you stuck with cases of candy bars or boxes of novelty items to sell. Instead, we give you the opportunity to get some housework done while supporting your child’s education.

School fundraisers through Sweet Sprouts rely on the donation of clothing, kids’ gear and other items that have been gently used. When a money saving mom de-clutters her home, she can give back to the school doing the fundraiser by donating items her family no longer needs.

That’s not all a money saving mom gets out of school fundraisers with Sweet Sprouts. Those kids of yours are going to keep on growing, so they’ll need some fresh duds to wear to school. Once the donations have been collected, you can browse things donated by other parents and school supporters. There’s probably another money saving mom out there who got rid of the exact things your child needs. Purchasing the donated items also helps to support the school as a portion of the proceeds will go toward the fundraiser.

Sweet Sprouts does a lot more than school fundraisers. We provide ways for a money saving mom to earn money for herself and her family as well. With a free account on Sweet Sprouts, you can sell your pre-loved items on consignment with us. This gives you a way to earn credit to buy other items that you need right on our website or earn money for other family expenses. Since our company is run by money saving moms, we understand your needs.

Author: molly

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