Give Yourself an Excuse to Shop by Selling Your Old Stuff

Do you love to shop? I know I certainly do. Sometimes you can tell by the clutter that starts to build up around my home. When the clutter gets to a certain point, I know it’s time to get rid of a few things. Of course, I also know I’m going to want some new things. If possible, I take advantage of opportunities to both buy and sell.

In fact, that’s the whole idea behind Sweet Sprouts. When you put your gently used items up for sale on consignment, you can buy and sell at the same time, taking the guilt out of that much-needed shopping therapy.

Opportunities to buy and sell on consignment are great for families. We all have budgets, and we need to get certain things for our kids and ourselves to live comfortably. It simply won’t do to have the kids wearing high-water blue jeans to school or squeezing into tops that fit quite a bit better last year. With consignment, you can clear out the closets and dressers of your home and sell those things you can no longer use. You can even get rid of the toys your kids no longer enjoy as well as the clothing that no longer fits after you packed on a little weight following childbirth or lost 25 pounds by shredding it at the gym.

For families, especially moms, who love to shop, consignment is a great way to buy and sell. All those items you no longer want or need could be exactly what another mom or her kids need. Naturally, another mom selling her pre-loved items on consignment will probably be selling the things you and your family need as well. This is a great way to make sure those items you once purchased brand new get full use. It’s also a good way to share resources with other moms.

You don’t always have to buy and sell from individuals. We also support non-profits. Your favorite charity, your kids’ school or a church program can collect castoff clothing and other items as donations. Then we’ll help you raise money for that cause by selling them on our site. There’s no shortage of ways to buy and sell with consignment, and it seems that Sweet Sprouts is always finding new means to use the business of consignment toward everyone’s benefit.

Author: molly

Mom of 2 energetic boys, entrepreneur, registered dietitian and Scandal fan. In her 15 minutes of free time each day, she enjoys cooking, reading, and sampling craft beers. She blogs about motherhood, social media and beer. Find more of Molly at @swsprouts @bloggerithm and @itsaboutbeer.

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