Give Old Clothes a Good Home

Children grow up far too quickly, and while growing, they always grow out of clothing and gear at an alarming rate. When your little one grows out of baby clothes or favorite outfits you’ve purchased, it can be tempting to hold onto the items for sentimental reasons. Eventually, however, you have to let go and make room for other things. Why not give those clothes a new home with consignment donations to support your favorite charity?

Donations to a charity through consignment does good on a number of levels. This enlightened self-interest is a great way to get rid of clutter around your home. It also helps other families who are able to purchase your pre-loved items for affordable prices. Finally, your donations do the good work you originally intended as proceeds from each sale goes to support the cause you have chosen.

Few fundraising efforts truly benefit every party involved. How often have you purchased something you really didn’t want in order to support a cause dear to your heart? A lot of times it would make more sense to simply give cash donations to that cause and cut out the middleman. With a consignment fundraiser, however, there are multiple ways to do good and benefit from helping a good cause.

Most of us have clothing donations and other gently used items we could easily give to a charitable cause. When a charity you believe in does a consignment fundraiser, the first way to help out is by making these donations. The more you give, the more successful your charity’s fundraiser will be.

After you’ve made donations for your cause, take the time to shop. Those kids who outgrew the clothes you gave will be needing new threads soon. Consignment sales often have great clothing for adults also, and you may be able to find some play things and other gear that your family can use. When you make purchases during a charitable consignment sale, the charity receives a portion of the proceeds to continue doing their good work.

Don’t you wish all contributions you made to give back were as efficient in carrying on good work as donations to a charitable consignment sale are? It’s great to be able to help yourself and your family while benefiting others at the same time.

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