Give Your Stuff a Second Chance

Most moms and a lot of dads get sentimental when it comes to items their children have used. You don’t have to be a pack rat to dread the day when you have to get rid of the highchair because your child has outgrown it. You aren’t a hoarder if you happen to be reluctant to find a new home for a playpen, highchair or other gear when your little one no longer needs them. Fortunately, there’s a great way to find good, new homes for these items you’ve learned to love.

Many parents buy and sell with online consignment. This means of de-cluttering a home and making room for other items comes with a variety of benefits. Those who buy and sell on consignment can earn a little extra cash for their next shopping spree while at the same time saving money on things they need. Additionally, we all have a few unique gifts and other items that we’ve collected over time. Occasionally, these items need to be sold to a new owner. When you buy and sell on consignment, you can often pick up unique gifts that others are selling.

Holiday time is a great time to buy and sell with online consignment. Many of the pre-loved items sold here at Sweet Sprouts are one-of-a-kind products that make unique gifts. Those who can’t find the gifts they need on our site can earn money for the gifts they buy elsewhere by selling on consignment with us.

You can also get unique gifts from Sweet Sprouts while supporting a non-profit organization. In addition to offering the opportunity for families to buy and sell items on our site, we also have a variety of fundraising options for schools, churches and charities. Supporters of these organizations simply donate any gently used items they no longer want or need. Once these donations have been posted to our website, others can purchase them as unique gifts or important kids’ wardrobe essentials.

At Sweet Sprouts, we focus on bringing families together. When families buy and sell on consignment, everyone wins. It’s easier to let go of items that have special memories attached when you know they are going to a good home. Others may be in need of unique gifts, and you could be the one who has those gifts to sell.

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