Give Thanks by Giving To Others this Season

Are you looking for a way to give back this holiday season? What if there were a way to give back by de-cluttering your own home? At Sweet Sprouts, we specialize in helping others give back. When your kids’ school, a church organization or your favorite charity has a fundraiser with Sweet Sprouts, you can give back in a number of ways. As an added bonus, there are a few ways you can benefit from this type of fundraiser too.

Sweet Sprouts helps families and non-profit organizations in a number of ways. As an online family marketplace, we help people who need to get rid of gently used items sell them either for profit or as a fundraiser to benefit a good cause. We also help families on budgets find quality kids clothing, gear and other items they need at affordable prices. When families purchase items donated for a fundraiser, a worthy cause raises money.

When you donate clothing for a fundraiser through Sweet Sprouts, your donations can help a good cause while helping you de-clutter your home. Great times to donate clothing include after kids in the family go through a growth spurt or after you lose your pregnancy weight. If Dad gained a few pounds over the holidays, you can donate clothing he can no longer wear as well.

If no local organizations you support are currently doing a fundraiser through Sweet Sprouts you can still clean out the closets. Any time you’re ready to donate clothing, a variety of fundraisers will be ongoing with us. Also, it’s free to start an account here and begin selling those items for profit. You can keep the money you earn or spend your earnings on other things you need from Sweet Sprouts. If you want to give back, consider donating the money you earn to a cause that your family chooses once the check from us arrives.

Many people don’t have a concept of how much good can be done when they donate clothing. Unlike fundraising that involves the sale of high-calorie food or trinkets that no one really needs, supporting an organization through consignment sale benefits everyone involved. Donate clothing for your favorite cause today.

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