Halloween DIY Fire Truck Kids Costume

Halloween DIY Fire Truck Kids Costume

Standard Supplies:

  • Box that fits your child size wise ( I used a pampers size 5 box)
  • Extra piece of cardboard to cut wheels out
  • White Spray Paint
  • Red Spray Paint
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Blue Painters Tape
  • 1 7/16X36 Dowel
  • Super Glue
  • Cloth Strap (You’ll have to  determine how much depending on your child’s size)
  • Box Cutter
  • Zip ties
  • Needle & neutral thread
  • Some white printer paper
  • Ruler (to make sure any holes you cut are straight)
  • Packing tape

Extra Supplies (You will have to be creative here because we used things we had around the house):

  • Lights for headlights
  • Something for a light bar (we had something that was given out at a work fair)
  • Something for brake lights (we had something that was given out at a work fair)
  • Siren (we bought a firefighter outfit that came with a siren)
  • Gold Marker if you want to write on the box


  • Paint box white.
  • Use painters tape to tape off ladders on both sides & white area to represent cab on the front of the box. (see picture)


  • Paint box red.
  • Use paper & painters tape to then tape off windows on the white areas & to protect the red areas. (see picture)


  • Paint windows black.
  • Cut wheels out of the extra cardboard, paint them white.  Cut a center circle out of the white paper and place on the white wheel, paint the wheel black leaving the center white.


  • Glue top of the box down.
  • Cut the bottom out of the box.
  • Cut two dowels with the saw to fit the inside of your box width wise.
  • Measure cloth straps on your child to determine where you want the box to hang.  Loop the straps around the dowels and sew the straps to the dowels. Remove the dowels from the loops.
  • Cut four slits into your box & feed the loops & straps into the box.  Feed the dowels back into the loops inside the box.
  • Use your box cutter to cut holes or a screw driver to punch holes in your box & use the zip ties to attach any lights or other items you want to attach to the truck.
  • Put packing tape over the ends of the zip ties after you cut them because they will be sharp.
  • Glue wheels on.
  • Use gold marker to write on the box your child’s name or fire department etc.


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