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Have you been asked to help fund children’s education with school fundraisers lately? While there’s no end of creative school fundraisers around to help earn the necessary money, many schools get stuck in a rut. Repeating the same school fundraisers year after year becomes monotonous. Furthermore, people often don’t need or want the products that get sold at these fundraisers. Don’t you wish there were a way to donate clothing your kids have outgrown and still support their education?

Such school fundraisers do exist. Every time I share information about consignment fundraisers with other moms, they get excited. School fundraisers through consignment sales provide moms an opportunity to de-clutter their homes and donate clothing, toys and other items to support kids’ education. After families donate clothing and other goods in this manner, other families and school supporters have the opportunity to purchase these donations. A portion of the proceeds goes to the school. Everyone wins, and no one ends up buying too much candy or a bunch of trash bags they don’t need.

At Sweet Sprouts, we work closely with schools and other organizations doing fundraisers. We offer several fundraising options to accommodate varying needs. When it’s time for supporters to donate clothing, we’ll even supply bags for collection.

After supporters donate clothing and other pre-loved items, volunteers can list the items for sale on our website. Since Sweet Sprouts is a family marketplace, you can encourage supporters to donate clothing of many different sizes and styles. We’ll sell everything from baby clothes to work clothes for Dad.

One of the things that sets a consignment fundraiser apart from other fundraisers is the way in which all families can participate and benefit from this type of school fundraiser. If a family has quality, pre-loved items that they can no longer use, they can de-clutter their home and donate clothing, toys and other items. A family who doesn’t have items to donate but needs to stretch their clothing budget can shop the consignment sale and find clothing and other items at prices far below those available at department stores. Consider suggesting consignment for school fundraisers the next time you attend a PTA meeting.

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