Keep Someone Warm this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time to go through all of your clothing items, shoes, toys, or even baby gear that you may have lying around in your home. This way you can sell or give donations for the things you are no longer using, or your kids have grown out of. The clothing that you want to sell through our online consignment store will need to be in great condition. They should not have any stains, spills, tears, or show any signs of wear. They also should not be faded or have the tags ripped out of the clothing where the size should be labeled. Any sales that are made through our online consignment store will help raise money for local schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations.

Our consignment store has been helping those in schools, churches and nonprofit organizations since we started our business. We understand the importance of being able to gather items individuals are not using, and sell them at affordable prices to those that will treasure it most. Our online consignment store will take clothing for both males and females of all ages. Children that are newborns to the age of ten could always use coats, jackets, jeans, shoes, and long-sleeve shirts during the cold winter months. When you make a donations, we will be able to sell it on our site at discounted prices to families that are looking to purchase those specific types of items. A percentage of the funds can be set up as donations to your favorite organizations.

To get started on our consignment store site, be sure to set up your own user account. From there, you will be able to upload the items you would like to sell. You can even give the funds you make as donations to the multiple organizations we work with. Get started today by setting up your account and going through all of your family’s clothing items. If you have any questions about making donations or selling items, be sure to get in contact with our online consignment store today! We will be happy to walk you through the steps to sell your items and raise money for donations to help charities in need.

Author: molly

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