Kids Play Hard So Buy Clothes You Don’t Mind Getting Dirty

Most kids are rowdy to some degree, and all kids get messy. Kids play rough and are really hard on their clothes. That’s why, if you’re a money saving mom, you need to buy sturdy, reliable kids clothing that you don’t mind getting messy. Your kids should have separate clothes for school, special occasions, and for playing, because play is when they get the dirtiest. A money saving mom will consider consignment to save money on play clothes.

Mud pies, baking adventures, roughhousing and bike riding–they all lead to one thing: mess. And if your kid is like most, you know you can’t be buying only dainty kids clothing for your little one. Buy tough, non-flammable materials in easy-to-wash colors and fabrics. Since kids get so dirty, a hot or warm washing cycle is best for the dirt, and you’ll need kids clothing that can stand up to the heat.

There’s no reason you have to give up the pretty dresses, fancy suits, and expensive sports apparel for special occasions just because you’re buying secondhand. However, a money saving mom has to make the hard decisions when it comes to kids clothing. Save the cute football jersey for watching the game, and let them play in the mud wearing their old, sturdy, rugged clothes. You can buy them secondhand at consignment shops, online or in-store, and your little one will never know the difference. You can find excellent, sturdy clothing secondhand; while your little one is growing, so are others, and the clothing other kids have outgrown could be your next favorite. You can also find excellent everyday, formal, or dress clothes at consignment stores.

Naturally, as a money saving mom, you’ll want to wash all pre-owned clothing before letting your kids wear it, although most consignment stores do a thorough job cleaning the clothes before selling them. If you’re a money saving mom, you know where to scour the racks for good deals. If the clothing just arrived at the consignment shop, you can buy kids clothing that still has a few months of wear left. Boom, done–money saving mom.

Kids clothing doesn’t have to break the bank. Every money saving mom is conscious of how expensive it can be, but there are ways to save. Ultimately, previously loved clothing is a good choice no matter what kind of clothing you buy, but sturdier clothes are best for playtime.

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