Lend a Hand Through Family Oriented Consignment

Every mom knows that kids grow like weeds. All too often, little ones grow out of their clothes long before wearing them out. Consignment sales are great ways to sell and buy gently used children’s clothing. Many non-profit organizations use consignment as a way to earn money. This is an especially great idea for church fundraising.

If your local place of worship has gone a little overboard with bake sales as a primary means of church fundraising, a consignment sale will provide a new opportunity to raise funds while benefiting families in your community. At a consignment sale, those providing sale items get a portion of the profit from the sale as commission. The rest of the money in the case of church fundraising goes to support the efforts of the church.

Basically, your church fundraising will be similar to a giant garage sale. Advertise throughout the community that you are collecting gently used children’s clothing to be sold on consignment. Baby clothes and nursery furniture are great items to collect for such an event. Other children’s clothing will sell easily, especially if your church or event venue is located in a neighborhood full of young families.

Church fundraising with a consignment sale provides a win-win-win opportunity. Church families as well as families within your neighborhood will welcome the opportunity to earn some extra money while getting rid of clothing and playthings that their children have outgrown. Your church will also benefit from the money earned at the sale. Customers who come to shop your sale will also benefit by getting quality clothing and other products at a fraction of retail prices.

Everyone loves to save a buck when possible. With a consignment sale, every party involved is either saving or earning something. Your church can use this opportunity to earn money for specific projects or church groups. Such sales are especially good church fundraising events for a children’s program since involved parties will easily be able to see how they can benefit from it. Many churches also use consignment sales as a way to earn money for charitable work such as a food pantry, and they can be a good means of boosting a capital campaign as well.

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