Make a Difference with the Things You Don’t Need

Are you ready to make a difference in your community and help by earning extra funds for your local schools, churches, or other nonprofit organizations? Sweet Sprouts is set up to help you do just that through our fundraisers. Sweet Sprouts is an online consignment store that will help you set up a fundraiser in order for you and other individuals to donate clothing for the nonprofit organization of your choice.

When individuals donate clothing, we will be able to sell those items through our online site at a discounted price. Up to 50 percent of the funds will be donated to the local school, church, or nonprofit organization you have set up the fundraiser for.

The best way to get individuals to donate clothing or gear is through advertisements or word-of-mouth. You can advise individuals of when the fundraiser is going to take place or where the donation boxes or bags will be located for them to donate clothing and gear. Be sure to let the members of your church or school know where the boxes are located for them to donate clothing and gear and to let their friends know the location as well. Social networks online is another great way to advise people about the fundraiser and to encourage them to donate clothing, so you can earn more funds for the nonprofit organization you are supporting.

As the boxes or bags get filled with items, you can have them sent back to our company. Once we receive the items, we will be able to go through them to ensure they are like-new and meet our standards to be sold on the site. We will discount the items up to 75 percent off the retail price. This helps low-income families to be able to purchase things their families need at a cheaper rate so that they can save more money.

If you are ready to make a difference by setting up a fundraiser for your local nonprofit organizations in your community, be sure to get in contact with Sweet Sprouts today. We will be happy to let you know how the fundraiser will work and which one of our options will be best for you. You can even go to our site today to set up a user account in order to sell items that you have. This way you can encourage members to donate to your organization of choice when they checkout.

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