Make Some Money Instead of Filling Up Your Trash Bin

Most moms know the temptation of loading the family minivan with unused toys and ill-fitting clothes and toting the whole mess to the local dump. A money saving mom, however, will stop first and think about ways to earn a little income while de-cluttering her home. Fortunately, Sweet Sprouts was founded by a money saving mom, and our mission is to help families earn and save money through online consignment.

Consignment is a great way to earn a little extra cash from items you no longer need. When kids outgrow their clothes, toys and gear, there’s probably someone else who can use those things. Rather than throwing them away, help to give those pre-loved items new life through consignment sales.

Sweet Sprouts helps the money saving mom earn extra cash and save money by connecting her with other money saving moms. In addition to selling those unused items, you can also purchase the items other families no longer need.

Basically, we’re here to help extend your community. It’s great to have a neighbor or nearby relative whose kids pass on gently used clothing and discarded toys to your children, but not everyone lives near someone like that. Our presence online extends your community to include hundreds of other families who also count their pennies as they work to keep their kids clothed in darling fashions and playing with age-appropriate toys. Each money saving mom who signs up for free with Sweet Sprouts benefits from a larger community of families than the one in which she lives.

Personal consignment sales are only part of the services facilitated by Sweet Sprouts. We also help church organizations, schools and charities fundraise with consignment. Every money saving mom of school-aged children is familiar with the multitude of fundraising projects that kids participate in each year. Many times, the product to be sold simply isn’t something you want or need. Other times, the fundraisers don’t provide any visible benefit to supporters. This is never the case with consignment fundraisers.

With a consignment fundraisers, a money saving mom and her family can clean out the closets to benefit a good cause. Then other supporters have the opportunity to buy these items at affordable prices, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the designated cause. Everyone involved reaps benefits with this type of program.

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