Make Some Money While Saving the Environment

Don’t you love it when you find a way to save money and help the environment at the same time? A money saving mom can do exactly this with online consignment. When your kids are growing like weeds and you need to clean out closets to make room for clothes that fit, recylce the items you no longer need. No, you don’t need to take a trip to the local recycling center for this project. You can simply snap photos of each item and sell it at Sweet Sprouts.

Sweet Sprouts was started by a money saving mom just like you. We understand the financial stress of caring for a family. We also understand the need to take care of the earth for the sake of our children and future grandchildren. At our family marketplace online, many moms like you recylce items their families no longer need. When they offer these items for sale, another money saving mom has the opportunity to purchase these goods at affordable prices. One woman’s recyclables become another woman’s treasure.

A money saving mom has plenty of options to recylce paper, glass, plastic and other items these days. As awareness about saving our planet grows, more and more venues for recycling come available to us. When you recylce through consignment, however, you invest in your family in multiple ways.

First, a money saving mom who chooses to recylce with consignment can earn money to spend on things her family needs. Also, this mom will be selling items that other moms need. In a way, this is giving back and helping others.

At Sweet Sprouts we have even more ways for a money saving mom to recylce and do good. Our multiple fundraising options allow you to collect donations for your kids’ school, your church or a favorite charitable organization. These donations can then be posted for sale on the Sweet Sprouts website. When other money saving moms shop for things their children need and purchase these donations, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to supporting a good cause.

When you recylce, everyone wins. When you recylce with Sweet Sprouts and offer items for sale to other families, even more benefit comes from your used items. Join with us today to do the most good.

Author: molly

Mom of 2 energetic boys, entrepreneur, registered dietitian and Scandal fan. In her 15 minutes of free time each day, she enjoys cooking, reading, and sampling craft beers. She blogs about motherhood, social media and beer. Find more of Molly at @swsprouts @bloggerithm and @itsaboutbeer.

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