Presenting Items from My Child to Yours

It’s no secret to parents that kids grow quickly. Even after the first year of a child’s life, a family can wind up dressers full of children’s clothing that no longer fit. Of course, your little one is going to keep growing, so you can’t just stop buying clothes. Don’t you wish there was a way to get rid of all those gently used items and help another family out in the process?

Sweet Sprouts was founded on this exact idea. As moms ourselves, we know how rapidly little ones outgrow children’s clothing and toys. It’s great when a neighbor or nearby relative has little ones slightly younger than yours who can take those castoffs and use them. Wouldn’t it be easier, though, if you could sell them on consignment?

It’s free to start an account on Sweet Sprouts. We’ll walk you through the process and give you tips for listing and selling children clothing, toys and other gear. In addition to children’s clothing, we also sell adult apparel. This provides a great way to get rid of pre-loved maternity clothes or fashions that no longer fit Mom or Dad as well.

In an online family market like ours, a seller gets the benefit of de-cluttering and earning a profit from the sale of children’s clothing and toys. Buyers get the benefit of purchasing quality products and affordable prices. Everyone wins.

Fundraisers through Sweet Sprouts do even more good. We’ve found that nearly everyone who has toys to sell has also experienced more than their fair share of awkward fundraisers with schools, churches and other organizations. How many garbage bags, tubs of cookie dough or packets of wrapping paper does a person need? Instead of selling too much of a good thing in order to raise money for a worthy cause, schools and other organizations can now collect donations of toys, children’s clothing and other items. Once the items are posted online, families that need the collected items can support a good cause while getting great deals.

Sweet Sprouts is all about families helping one another. If you need fresh outfits for the kids or age-appropriate toys for your tikes, check out the items available on our website. When it’s time to de-clutter, help other families by selling your pre-loved items with us.

Author: molly

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