Put Your Unwanted Possessions Towards a Good Cause

Through our Sweet Sprouts online consignment shop, you will have the opportunity to donate to your local schools, churches, or favorite nonprofit organizations of your choice. There are a few steps necessary to get started. First, you will need to create a user account if you haven’t done so already.┬áPut Your Unwanted Possessions Towards a Good Cause We accept clothes from newborns to adults for both males and females.

You will have the option to donate funds to nonprofit organizations on everything you sell online. There are also fundraising drives you can set up so that individuals can donate their clothing for those in need. There are several ways the drives can be set up. We offer drives that are eight weeks long, on-going, or even one-day.

Sweet Sprouts will work with you to ensure you have donation bags or boxes at the locations you prefer. Individuals will just need to donate their clothing or other items in the boxes or bags provided. Then, you will just need to send them back to us so that we can sell online the items you received. When the items sell online, the nonprofit organization you are supporting will receive a check for the percentage of funds that are earned from the sales.

We have another option as well that can help you receive funds to donate. When you sell online through our site, you can ask members to choose your organization at checkout. Every time your organization gets chosen, they will receive a five percent earning from the total amount of the purchase. Our company will be able to help you market your organization through your account on our site.

If you are ready to make a difference in your community by earning more funds, be sure to start getting your items ready to sell online. Do not hesitate to ask others you know to help pitch in clothing or other items to donate to make even more profit. All it takes is one person to take the stand for others to join.

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