Save Your Best and Buy Secondhand For the Rest

Every money saving mom wants the best for her family. Although staying on budget can prove challenging at times, there are many ways to save on things your kids need. In fact, being a money saving mom doesn’t have to preclude purchasing name brand clothes and designer fashions for your family.

Consignment shopping provides a great way for a money saving mom to pick up trendy kids clothing at affordable prices. Naturally, you’ll search online and in brick-and-mortar stores for sale prices on kids clothing, but this gives you another way to find the things your family needs and stay in budget.

One big problem with getting fashionable threads for kids is that they often grow out of them quickly. If you have a pile of kids clothing with plenty of wear left, put your penny-pinching powers to work by selling them on consignment. This way you can profit by selling items your family no longer needs. As an added bonus, another family will benefit from the opportunity to purchase this kids clothing at affordable prices.

A money saving mom is an extraordinary innovator. When moms on budgets unite, there’s little we cannot accomplish. Most of us have local causes and charities that we like to support. Moms with kids in school are familiar with a variety of fundraisers that take place each year. Consignment sales of kids clothes and other products provide a great way to do good and give back. If you’d like to support a charitable cause or raise money for your child’s school or other organization, consider doing so with a consignment fundraiser featuring kids clothing.

This type of fundraiser is perfect for any money saving mom. If you choose to make a kids’ clothing donation for your cause, you get the added benefit of de-cluttering your home and making room for new clothes and items that your kids can use. To further support your cause, you can purchase kids clothing your family needs through the sale that is benefiting your cause. Not only will you be saving money on the things you have to buy, but you’ll be raising money for a worthy cause as well. Any money saving mom should like this idea better than buying cookie dough or a collection of gift wrap that you’ll never use?

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