Sell Old Clothes for Children and Charities

As you rummage through your closet, you are likely to find that there are a handful of items that you simply do not wear anymore. They are perfectly lovely pieces; you just don’t like to wear them anymore. You might discover the same situation in your children’s closets too. There are some lovely pieces of clothing, but you no longer have a use for them. It makes sense that you would want to give back to your community by selling your clothing to benefit a charity. Of course, you also need to consider a few things as you go about selling your used clothing. Here are some tips to make the process easier:

The clothing you sell for charity should appear to be almost new. You do not want to list items with rips, tears and stains. Most people want to buy clothing that looks like it is not second-hand. You are also likely to find that you receive much more money for clothing that is new, with tags still attached.

It is often worth your while to match entire outfits together before listing them. This will give the buyer a better view of their options. Plus, they will see it as a better deal to get several pieces at once.

Clothing that you sell must smell clean, as if it has just been washed. You should never send somebody clothing that smells like somebody was just wearing it. In addition, clothing that comes from a house in which cigarette smokers reside may require extra care.

Good brand names certainly make more money than others. They sell better than lesser-known brands because they tend to have a reputation for great quality. Everybody wants to own clothing made my big name designers, especially if they can find them at an affordable price.

Not only can you sell gently used clothing, but you can also list shoes and accessories like mittens and scarves. These winter accessories might be just what somebody needs to complete their own winter wardrobe!

Determine a fair price for your items. You want to find the perfect balance between giving the buyer a great deal and earning enough for your charity to raise money. You can find a fair price by browsing the Internet and brick and mortar thrift shops for prices on items similar to yours.

Of course there are also a few types of clothing items you might want to reconsider selling. This includes items that are obviously used and worn. You should also avoid sending in sleepwear, underwear and socks. Small infant clothing is also discouraged because these pieces are often stained or overly worn. In addition, each piece of clothing you sell should have a label with a clear brand and size.

By selling your own used clothing, you are giving others the chance to purchase high-quality clothing at low prices. People who need affordable clothing will have the chance to purchase some. Plus, the proceeds can go to a great cause. Nothing feels better than making a difference.

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