Share Your Blessings as You Count Them

We all have blessings to count. For moms, those rapidly growing kids who keep growing out of the clothes we purchase for them are some of the most precious blessings. If your kids have been outgrowing their clothes and their gear, you might find that your home is overflowing with items you can no longer use. In the midst of a growth spurt, children frequently outgrow clothing while it still has plenty of wear left. What if you could turn these gently used items into a fundraiser for a good cause?

When you donate clothing for a worthy cause, lots of people win. Through Sweet Sprouts, you can support a fundraiser for your favorite charity or children’s school. We have several different fundraiser options from which your organization can choose. Then all you need to do is donate clothing to help them earn the money they need to carry on their good work.

The concept is simple, but there’s more good being done than your clothing donations. For starters, you get an opportunity to help others while cleaning out your own closets. What mom doesn’t love projects that include a little enlightened self-interest? Once you donate clothing for the fundraiser, other families will have the opportunity to purchase items that they need from your collection. Your pre-loved clothing might be exactly what they need to keep their children in quality, well-fitting clothes. You can also support the fundraiser by making your own purchases. Just as you have things you don’t need that other families can use, others that donate clothing might have exactly what your family needs.

In addition to all this sharing going on, the organization doing the fundraiser is also reaping benefits. A portion of the proceeds from each sale of the donated clothing goes directly to your cause. All supporters had to do was donate clothing they no longer needed of pick up some clothes or other items that someone else donated. Unlike so many other fundraisers, this doesn’t require the sale of goods that nobody really needs or parents shelling out cash for activities like walkathons.

When you donate clothing for a fundraiser with Sweet Sprouts, everyone wins. At this time of year when doing good is at the top of everyone’s list, start giving back as you count your many blessings.

Author: molly

Mom of 2 energetic boys, entrepreneur, registered dietitian and Scandal fan. In her 15 minutes of free time each day, she enjoys cooking, reading, and sampling craft beers. She blogs about motherhood, social media and beer. Find more of Molly at @swsprouts @bloggerithm and @itsaboutbeer.

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