Someone is Looking for Exactly What You Have

Don’t you love it when you find exactly what you need at a bargain price? If you have school-aged children, chances are that you feel quite the opposite about the various things you have to buy and sell for school fundraisers. Have you ever wondered how on earth the school can expect you to buy and sell the same minimally consumable items year after year? Perhaps it’s time to suggest school fundraisers of a different kind.

With online consignment fundraisers, you can help others find exactly what they need at bargain prices, and the proceeds go toward a good cause. These school fundraisers begin with families and other school supporters cleaning out their closets, dressers and kids’ rooms. The school then collects gently used and pre-loved items to sell. Parents who have spent years having to buy and sell items no one really wants get to support the school by simply de-cluttering their homes. Once items are sorted and posted online, supporters can purchase the donations, and a portion of the proceeds goes to the school.

The philosophy behind school fundraisers with Sweet Sprouts is simple. We know kids outgrow clothing, toys and gear quickly. We have kids of our own. We also know that other families could use the things you no longer need, so we work to connect families through consignment sales. When the sales are part of school fundraisers, parents and supporters are able to buy and sell things that benefit every party involved. In fact, a lot of times donations to school fundraisers include a few unused items that families purchased in a less-efficient fundraiser earlier.

At Sweet Sprouts we believe in doing as much good as possible. When families work together and share with one another, everyone wins. No one likes to buy and sell things they don’t need or like. Everyone likes to save money. Our school fundraisers keep these two facts in mind. We also understand that each organization is different. In order to accommodate schools, churches and charitable organizations of many kinds, we offer an array of flexible fundraising options. We even offer customized fundraising options.

When your family has good stuff you no longer use, there’s probably another family that needs it. Let us help you find them. Buy and sell on our website for a good cause.

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