Start the Season of Giving by Selling for Charity

Thrifty moms getting ready for the holidays often want to clear their homes of unwanted and unused items. As kids grow out of their clothes or get too old for certain toys, it’s time to say “goodbye” to gently used items and make room for the gifts Santa will bring on Christmas Eve. Have you considered giving your children’s castoff items as donations? This is the time of year for giving, and several options can be found to give charitable donations or sell online those pre-loved items.

Innovations in charitable donations have evolved significantly with the onset of the information age. People love to shop online, and online consignment sales allow them to do so for less. Many charities and other organizations sell online in order to raise funds. This season, consider giving donations of your kids’ used clothing and other items for a charity or organization of your choice to sell online.

When an organization chooses to raise money by gathering items to sell online, everyone wins. Families that need to consolidate and get rid of excess can support the cause by donating these goods. Once these donations are collected, the organization will be able to sell online these items, which other families can put to good use. Naturally, the donated items will sell for reasonable prices, helping families save money on kids’ clothing and other essentials. Meanwhile, with every purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes to support a good cause.

Lots of great causes exist. Although no one can support every good cause that comes along, certain types of donations and fundraising make more sense than others. If you’re sick of purchasing things you don’t want or need as a way of making donations to school and church programs, an online consignment sale provides a way out. If you don’t need any items commonly sold on consignment, you can support the cause by donating your own items. If you don’t have items to donate but need to buy baby clothes, gently used nursery furniture or or other items that sell online in consignment fundraisers, you can support a good cause while getting things you will have to buy somewhere at lower prices than you can find at the mall.

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